Get into VEVO with MusicYes

MusicYes offers the possibilty to enter into VEVO.

VEVO is an on demand advertising supported video streaming service, owned and financed by Universal Music Group, Sony Music and Abu Dhabi Media Company.

Why an artist should have a VEVO channel?

Your own artist channel on VEVO will give you the same professional stance and presence that major artists have on the YouTube platform.

VEVO videos are available in YouTube, as well as many other syndication partners, making your video more accessible to a wider audience than what it would if your video was available through YouTube alone.

Your channel is monetized and you will receive royalties for your video views, the royalties are generally higher than a standard YouTube monetization..

VEVO does not have age and territorial restrictions.

VEVO videos are focused on quality and receive more attention, subscriptions and likes than a standard YouTube video.

VEVO depending on the area, the period of the year and (other factors related to the advertisings that it displays) pays around twice of YouTube, so if the viewer clicks the advertising banner or views the advertising that is a monetized view, if he does not, that is not a monetized view and does not generate money.

You can upload an unlimited number of videos, it is done by our team, and you will receive detailed instruction from us for sending us the files.

VEVO main difference from YouTube is that meanwhile Youtube has a "by channel" structure, where everybody can open a channel and upload everything they want, Vevo structure is "by Artist", so each single artist has a single, unique artist channel, named after something like "awesomeartistVEVO".

Meanwhile everybody can operate in YouTube, only recognized operators can open a channel with VEVO

The complete steps are:

1) A release ready, uploaded, into MusicYes that has the status "Delivered" (we approved and sent it already to the digital stores). Request an account to MusicYes to send your first release.

2) A professional and quality video clip from a song from the release above mentioned.Make sure that you follow the VEVO Guideline, study this document, make your video operator read it carefully so they know what they have to prepare for you.Nothing complicated but there are rules, quality and formats. VEVO will reject any videos with graphic and promotional banners, emails, numbers, titles and so on (you can put all in the video description!)

3) Prepare an 800x800 Px .Jpg Artist Image, Artist Banner 2560 x 1440 Px  Jpg image (if not supplied, we will apply a generic image).Prepare  the Official Website/Facebook/Twitter/iTunes URLs (that is why you should wait your music is published in the stores by MusicYes  first.).

4) Choose your artist channel name, must be in total MAX 20 digits long, something like TheAwesomeArtistVEVO, the final VEVO suffix is mandatory.

5) Channels are created on Mondays @ 12p ET. Any requests submitted after this deadline will be created the following week.Please plan accordingly.

Check the YouTube and the Soundlcloud sections, too to properly complete your music promotion campaing.

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